What is the Student Bar Association?

The LSU Law Student Bar Association serves as the definitive student governing organization at LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center. We perform the executive, legislative and judicial functions of the student body, and represent the issues and interest of the student body to the Law Center administration and community at large. Our goal is to foster the professional competence and academic achievement of our members.

Executive Officers

President – Kathleen Peppo

Vice President – Alec Keane

Secretary – Brenna Macnamara

Treasurer – Hannah Cobb

Director of Programming – Gabrielle Daigle

3L Officers

President – Trent Robertson

Vice President – Cory Koch

Secretary – Dee Carter 

Representative – Olivia Parker

Representative – Ansley Sumner

2L Officers

President – Benton Alford

Vice President – Drake Brignac

Secretary – Julia Montgomery 

Representative – Lauren Devenzio

Representative – Courtney Fowler

1L Officers

President – Kade Gardner

Vice President – Isabella Rovere

Section 1 Representative – Jourdan Green

Section 2 Representative – Garrett Corning

Section 3 Representative – Shannon Faradji

LLM Representative

Sarah Moccelin