What is the Student Bar Association?

The LSU Law Student Bar Association serves as the definitive student governing organization at LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center. We perform the executive, legislative and judicial functions of the student body, and represent the issues and interest of the student body to the Law Center administration and community at large. Our goal is to foster the professional competence and academic achievement of our members.

Executive Officers

Reed Kreger, Executive President

Indigo Diekmann, Executive Vice-President

William Bell, Executive Treasurer

Peyton Robertson, Executive Secretary

Fielding Matkins, Director of Programming 

Alexandre Makhoul, LL.M Representative

Left to right: Fielding Matkins, Peyton Robertson, Reed Kreger, Indigo Diekmann, William Bell, Alexandre Makhoul (not pictured)

Left to right: Laura Mercantel, Piper Didier, Mary Allison Mitchell, Sarah Day, Hunter Curtis

3L Officers

Mary Allison Mitchell, 3L President

Piper Didier, 3L Vice-President

Sarah Day, 3L Secretary

Hunter Curtis, 3L Representative

Laura Mercantel, 3L Representative

2L Officers

Keifer Ackley, 2L President 

Sean McAuliffe, 2L Vice-President

Virginia Stewart, 2L Secretary

Carson Delarue, 2L Representative 

Hannah Dardar, 2L Representative 

Left to right: Sean McAuliffe, Virginia Stewart, Keifer Ackley, Hannah Dardar, Carson Delarue

Left to right: Heidi Bieber, Austin Pottorff, Chala Jackson, Reagan Moody, Caleb Malone

1L Officers

Austin Pottorff, 1L President 

Chala Jackson, 1L Vice-President 

Reagan Moody, 1L §1 Representative 

Heidi Bieber, 1L §2 Representative 

Caleb Malone, 1L §3 Representative