Welcome to the new SBA Election Portal! Due to the recent cancellation of all large group events and in-person classes, the SBA election will be conducted all online this year. Please use this portal as your go-to for information on the election, your candidates and so much more!


Below you will find the election code for 2020-2021, and the voting link for this year’s SBA 2021-2022 Elections. TO VOTE, CLICK THE VOTING LINK BUTTON!

1L Presidential Candidates

Alaysia J. Johnson


Foster Willie

Samantha Jacobsen

Anna Mester

Hannah Cobb

1L Vice President

Mekkah N. Husamadeen

Nic Cotton

Haley Baker

William “Grey” Fitzgerald

1L Class Section 1 Representative

Peyton Little

Brendan Chapman

Rayni Amato

Will Waguespack

1L Class Section 2 Representative

Ansley Summer

McKenzie Connelly

1L Class Section 3 Representative

Kathleen Peppo

Diamond McCray

Corey Rackler