SBA Mentor Program

The Student Bar Association (SBA) Mentoring Program provides 1L students the opportunity to connect with 2L and 3L students, who can provide advice about preparing for class, preparing for exams, and navigating the law school experience. The 1Ls will be assigned a mentor, who will assist his or her assigned 1Ls through the transition to becoming a successful law student.  All 1Ls will also have the option of communicating with any mentor they choose by utilizing the pool of mentors provided by the program. 

2023-2024 Mentors:

Alec Keane

Alexis Hoffpauir

Ally Hawkins

Alvaro de la Cruz

Anna Lewis

Ashley Dement

Ashton Austin

Asia Jackson

Benton Alford

Benton Marcotte

Blake Melancon

Borjius Guient

Bren Lauga

Brendan Cuti

Caroline Hardy

Caroline Hidalgo

Catherine Lant

Chris Sherlock

Christina Ryan

Colton Duhon

Courtney Fowler

D’Andrea Carter

Daniel Harry

Derek Shollenbarger

Edward Miller

Elise Diebold

Foster Willie

Francis Doan

Gabriella Leccese

Georgia Derhak

Grace Bordelon

Grace Champagne

Grey Fitzgerald

Haley Grieshaber

Hannah Grace Babin

Hannah Perret

Hannah Williams

Hunter Reinhardt

Isabella Eakins

Jack Ducote

Jackson Conn

Jason Parker

Jennifer Byrd

John Cashen

John LeJeune

Julia Montgomery 

Kaleb Delatte 

Karly Smith 

Kate Baudoin 

Katie Day 

Katie Peppo 

Keeley Jones 

Krislyn Flores 

Lane Robichaux

Lauren Devenzio 

Lauren Miller 

Lauren Pouchie 

Levin Pinho 

Macy Heroman 

Madeline Kraus 

Mallory Comberrel

Marie Claire Cheramie

Marlee Evans 

McKenzie Connelly 

Meghan Carlson 

Meredith Parker 

Mitchell Fillinger 

Monesha Miller-Becnel 


Olivia Parker 

Patrick Van Burkleo 

Ray Eaglin II

Reyna LeJeune 

Rini Mannankara 

Robert Vetter 

Robin Capps 

Rory Blackmore 

Samantha Jacobsen 

Shelby Smith 

Shelby Stoop 

Spencer Knudsen 

Summer Knight 

Susannah Theus 

Sydney Curtis 

Taylor Guice 

Tori Parry 

Tori Sutherland 

Victoria Louis 

Wade Landry 

Will Wood 

William “Connor” Brady