SBA Officers

The LSU Law SBA proudly announces

2017-2018 SBA Officers 

 Executive Officers

Sara Kuebel – President

Russ Stutes – Vice-President 

Derek Hoffman – Secretary

Andree Comeaux – Treasurer

 3L Class Officers

Audrey Gitz – President

Sara Grace Sirera – Vice President 

Shelby Dunbar – Secretary 

Margaret Viator & Tyler DeAgano – Representatives 

2L Class Officers 

Brooke Delaune – President 

Carlos Coro – Vice President

Meagan Johnson – Secretary 

Marianna Knister & Aaron Koenck – Representatives 

1L Class Officers 

SBA officer elections for the class of 2020 will be held in the fall.









 2016-2017 Executive Board Officers


L-R: Trenton Ball, Andree Comeaux, Jack Zeringue, Russell Stutes (Not pictured: Leah Brett)

Trenton Ball
Executive President

Leah Brett
Executive Vice President

Andree Comeaux
Executive Secretary

Russell Stutes
Executive Treasurer

Jack Zeringue
Director of Programming

2016-2017 3L Class Officers


L-R: Patrick Geddes, Alexandra Zaunbrecher, Caity Cline, Caroline Darwin, Jana Robinson

 Patrick Geddes
Class President

 Caitlin Cline
3L Class Vice President

Jana Robinson
3L Class Secretary

Alexandra Zaunbrecher
3L Class Representative

Caroline Darwin
3L Class Representative

2016-2017 2L Class Officers


L-R: Derek Hoffman, Sara Kubel, Margaret Viator, Audrey Gitz, Tyler DeAgano

Sara Kuebel
2L Class President

Audrey Gitz
2L Class Vice President

Margaret Viator
2L Class Secretary

Tyler DeAgano
2L Class Representative

Derek Hoffman
2L Class Representative

2016-2017 1L Class Officers


L-R: Devin Vallier, Ellie Kousoulas, Brooke DeLaune, Michael Edmonson, Jon Stanley (Not pictured; Aaron Koenck)

Devin Vallier
1L Class President

Ellie Kousoulas
 1L Class Vice President

Aaron Koenck
1L Class Representative
Section 1 

David Stanley
1L Class Representative
Section 2

Brooke Hotard Delaune
1L Class Representative
Section 3